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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open or have open play days?
Action center is a reservation paintball field, and is only open when someone has reserved and paid for a group time, Most of our groups are open and can take walk on players. you must come at the same time as the group we recommend coming early reservations can be made for single players and walk on players for public events Closed game are closed and no walkon players or staff are allowed to play Groups reservations are located here

Are walkon players allowed ?

Yes just look at our (calendar hear, follow this link) you will see when someone has reserved and paid for a group. If the group has paid for a closed group it will be stated as closed. All open groups are available for walkon play walkon fees are far all games that day. please look at maps and do not rely on your gps or cell phone you will get lost and we get so busy we cannot answer the phone on game days and we are a field paint only field, also please note we do not rent individual pieces of your equipment, If you come up with an expired tank or co2 tank and we do not have co2 you will have to purchase or rent the full package
Where are you located ?
Action center paintball field does not have a physical address and is 1 mile up a dirt road please look at our maps to the field do not rely on the gps or cell phone know where you are going and be prepared here is the google link

How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.

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