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Paintball tanks 48 3000 HPA tank
Paintball tanks used 48 3000 HPA tank
Paintball tanks 48 3000 HPA tank

Paintball tanks 48 3000 HPA tank
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Paintball tanks 48 3000 HPA (High pressure Air Tank

Gi sports Tanks are Paintball's best tank And Action Center Paintballs Recommended tanks

These tanks are used tanks from our rental fleet here and Utah's finest outdoor paintball field These are working tanks and are quite new bought trough out the year they still have years left on the retest dates. this is our most popular selling tank it is a great way to get a great tank.they are tested for air retention before we ship them and they still look good to

Best tank for the buy inexpensive

used retal fleet tanks tanks 48 3000 black and olive paintball tanks

This is our most popular seller ! By Far and one we highly recommend
Paintball Tanks At Action Center Paintball $29.99
  • Paintball Tank 48 3000 used tanks

    Take right out of Action Center Paint-ball's rental fleet in working condition and ready to go. this paintball tank is a great way to start into high pressure air this will work on any marker with a standard Asa adapter. All paintball guns manufactured at this time will work on hpa air without any modification. Just screw them into your paintball gun adjust the velocity an go

    Paintball tank hydro

    these tank hydro dates will vary we do not guarantee hydro dates

    Hydrotesting Information:

  • The U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has

  • regulations that requires all cylinders be retested according to the
  • materials the tank is made of and the DOT-E regulation.

  • Aluminum Nitro or CO2 Cylinders:

  • Aluminum cylinders with a "3AL" stamped in the crown of the tank must
  • be hydrotested every 5 years. These cylinders have and unlimited life
  • and never expire provided they pass the hydrotest certification.
  • Cylinders 2 inches in diameter or less and less than 2 feet long are
  • exempt and do not have to be re-hydrotested.

  • Fiber Wrapped or Carbon Fiber Nitrogen Tanks:

  • Fiber wrapped/Carbon Fiber cylinders must be re-certified every 3 or 5
  • years depending upon the specific D.O.T. Exception Regulation ("E"
  • number) on the cylinder's label. (See Table Below). These cylinders have
  • a maximum life span of 15 years after which they are retired.

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