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Action center paintball field information

Action Center Paintball

Utah's oldest and largest paintball field

At Action Center Paintball, we want you to have the best paintballing experience ever! if you want to know what to expect keep reading … (by the way, this is good stuff to share with everyone coming).
We are a reservation field . Which means we are only open for play if there is a scheduled game. We have two kinds of reservations, private and open. Open means it is available for walk on players, and if it is a two hour game another group can schedule side by side. Private reservations are completely private and they will be stated as private and closed

Walk on players with their own equipment
If you fall into this category you can play on any open game, $10.00 for the day. if we have multiple groups. you must have ALL your own equipment, if you are in this category. our rental gear is reserved for our groups. if you need to buy gear from us, it is best to call ahead to make sure i have it on hand at the field.

Reservations : The first thing you need to do is look on our calendar, to see what is available. Then, go to the Make reservation tab, choose the package that works best for you and click Add to Cart. This will take you to a new page. Fill in the date and time you would like. It will also ask you if you would like to purchase extra paintballs at a discount. Choose the option that works best for you. Most groups shoot an average of 500 paintballs per person. Extra paint may also be purchased at the field, however, online discounts will not be available at the field. We do offer a cash discount.
our calendar will will show you available time slots in green and will say "available" and ussually with the number of rentals available if there is another group scheduled side by side
- 4 hour, 30 player games must not be requested over another reservation.
We have between 30 and 50 rentals available.
Remember, payment is non-refundable. We understand things happen, so we do allow 48 hours before your reservation to reschedule. We play year round through any weather.

We will be there ready to help you with gear, waivers, etc. 15 minutes before the games begins (make sure you say hello to Jeff—he works really hard). Your time begins exactly when you are scheduled, not when your party arrives, so we recommend coming at least 15 minutes early.
Late players, we value your time as much as we do our own. We do not accommodate late players: unless it is requested by you since we do everything as a group late players can really mess up your group day

Utahs oldest and largest paintball fields

The Field.
Action Center Paintball has one of the only 360 playing fields around which makes playing paintball EXTREMELY fun. We do have an area set aside as our safe zone that has grass, trees, picnic tables, flushing toilets, wash water, drinking water, and a shooting range. We even have a speed ball or a warm-up area located above the safe zone.

Facilities yes we have a very nice flushing toilet and picnic area

Our Packages. We don’t want you to have any surprises, so our packages include field fee, air fills, rental equipment, and some paint to start with, everything you need except extra paintballs (which you WILL need ). So there are no worries. You can use your own equipment, but remember, all paintball guns are chronographed under 295 ft/s. And you have to use our paint

FPO/Field Paint Only. Yup, we are a field paint only field. And you can only use the paint that is bought at the field. Sadly, no exceptions to this rule.

No alcohol. We want everyone to have fun so if you arrive impaired and/or a bit tipsy from drinking, we will ask you to leave. Also, we don’t allow alcohol at all on the premises.

Location. We are located directly north-east of the Morgan County Airport. there is no physical address please look at the map . The field is located behind a security gate which has a code we will give you once your reservation is secure. The playing field is one mile up a dirt road—so make sure your car can handle it.
Smart phones have had the opposite affect, everyone is getting lost. Look at our maps- know where you are going.

Waivers. All patrons must sign a liability and release from liability waiver. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. You must be 10 years or older to play.

Games. Most games are open. This means that anyone may join your group to play. We do have a separate package that includes an additional fee if you wish to have the field all to yourself—but we recommend the open games…you meet new people that way. Also, all games are refereed by our wonderful Action Center Staff.

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