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Gog enemy pro blue
Gog enemy pro blue
Gog enemy pro blue

Gog enemy pro blue
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GoG eNMEy Pro Paintball Gun - Blue

  • eNMEy Pro Specific Features
    • Generation 2 Tool-less Core removal - No tools are required to access the main firing engine. This makes maintenance possible even if you forget or lose your tools. Just unscrew the back cap, remove the core, clean, re-lube, and get back on the field.
    • Clamping Lever Lock Feed Neck - The standard eNMEy feed neck requires you to use an allen key to loosen it. The eNMEy Pro feed neck uses a lever-lock system. Now you can just flick the lever open or closed to remove or secure your loader.
    • On/Off ASA - An on/off ASA lets you shut off the air supply to your paintball gun. This design is much better than a standard bottom-line adapter because it allows you to degas the gun without putting strain on the tank threads. It is also safer because it prevents the accidental separation of the valve and tank body. (An EXTREMELY rare occurrence, but still one that's best to avoid.)
    • Adjustable Rail Mount - An adjustable rail allows you to slide the ASA forwards or backwards to shorten or lengthen the gun. Changing the length of the gun can make it easier and more comfortable to hold. *If you decide to lengthen your gun, you'll need to get a longer hose.*
    • Macro-line Hose - The eNMEy Pro uses macro-line instead of a braided steal hose. Macro-line is much easier to use because it securely snaps in or out of its locking collar.
    • Linear One Piece Freak - The eNMEy Pro comes equipped with a Freak Barrel.Freak Barrels use something called a barrel insert. Barrel inserts are aluminum (or stainless steel) sleeves that allow you to perfectly match your paint to the bore size of your barrel. A perfect match means a more accurate shot. The Linear One Piece Freak accepts all standard Freak inserts. A .689 insert is included.
    • Pro Body and Finish - The eNMEy Pro features a smoother body with more of a matte finish. It's easier to clean and looks a bit sleeker than standard eNMEy bodies.
    General eNMEy Features

    True Pneumatic Design
    The eNMEy’s firing engine does not use a hammer, sear, or springs. Instead, it is operated by precisely balanced gas pressures, with only one moving part serving as both the main valve and bolt. The tournament proven design is gentle on paint and delivers speed, accuracy and minimal kick. The eNMEy’s spool valve design also dramatically reduces internal wear. The eNMEy also operates without a battery to give you one less part to worry about.

    HD Valve
    A new and improved HD Valve rests at the heart of the eNMEy. This super-tough valve will withstand a lifetime of paintball matches and keep ticking. The valve’s lone moving part travels less than 1mm, and the valve body is reinforced with oversized hardware and a compression collar that keeps everything in the assembly in place. The responsive valve yields the high rates of semi-auto fire and one of the lightest mechanical triggers in the industry.

    Regulated Low Pressure Operation
    GOG fitted the eNMEy with the Max-Flo R vertical regulator. With the Max-Flo R, you can expect consistent operation and minimal velocity fluctuations once you set your eNMEy’s velocity to field regulations.

    Omni-propellant Operation
    The eNMEy features an integrated relief system that completely protects its valve components from the pressure spikes that occur when CO2 is used as a propellant. The Max-Flo R was also built to withstand such pressure spikes. All of this means that the eNMEy will perform reliably and consistently whether you use compressed air or CO2.

    Composite Construction
    GOG focused on using the best material for each of the eNMEy’s components. The marker features a stable, hard anodized aluminum receiver with a light-weight, durable nylon-fiber composite cover and grip frame.

    Bolt-out-the-back Design
    The entire valve core and bolt can be accessed by unscrewing cap at the rear of the eNMEy. This feature makes maintenance and cleaning a simple affair.

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