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Azodin Z2 -Red bronze
Azodin Zenith z2 black
Azodin Zenith z2 black

Azodin Z2 - ironman
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Azodin Zenith 2 Actioncenterpaintball.com has the new Azodin Zenith paintball MARKER going beyond the limitations of traditional paintball marker technology, the Zenith has brought the blow-back design into the realm of super paintball markers. Utilizing the zero recoil operation system,the blow-back marker has never shot so smooth and as a result of the unprecedented level of shot on shot accuracy. The zero system incorporates the feather strike system and a revolutionary redesign of the valve engine to reduce operating pressures. The zero system minimizes the recoil signature of the Zenith that enables the player to focus on aiming instead of controlling the marker. The new feather striker system is 30% lighter than the traditional striker design. This breakthrough reduces the mechanical recoil. The valve engine was redesigned to take full advantage of both CO2 and high pressure air (HPA). through extensive research the Asotin design team was able to engineer precise parts and this will enable Zenith to manage the rigors of carbon dioxide and the demands of high pressure air. The Zenith is powered by the Zen board. the Zen board hosts all the modes of the major circuits and the A’s though the team is committed to keep the border current to the changing landscape of the tournament paintball scene ZERO SYSTEM (ZERO RECOIL OPERATING SYSTEM) FEATHER STRIKER SYSTEM LOW PRESSURE INLINE REGULATOR ZEN CIRCUIT BOARD (NPPL SEMI, PSP RAMP, CFOA SEMI AND MILLENIUM RAMP) ANTI CHOP BREAK BEAM EYE SYSTEM ON/OFF BOTTOM ASA OPERATES ON CO2 OR HPA BARREL THREAD: INTERCHANGEABLE WITH AUTOCOCKER THREAD BARREL FEEDNECK THREAD: INTERCHANGEABLE WITH ION/ IMPULSE THREAD FEEDNECK LOW PRESSURE INLINE REGULATOR: STANDARD ASA THREAD ON/OFF BOTTOM ASA: STANDARD DOVETAIL MOUNT This paintball MARKER is a Stack Tube blow-back operation they have incorporated the new feather striker system which makes for extremely smooth shots. And with a low-pressure in-line regulator helps you to adjust your paintball MARKER to every single need. This paintball MARKER in corporates a anti-chop break beam EYE system which make sure that you will not chop your paintballs in the heat of battle. This paintball MARKER has an on /off bottom line and air source adapter. The feed neck is interchangeable with an ion or impulse threaded feed neck, making upgrading this paintball MARKER simple.get ready for the spring paintball season with this new paintball MARKER

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