Paintball field calender
Paintball field calender

How To Book your Game
1 check the calendar here to see if the time slot (party size you are requesting) is available.
2 make sure you are not trying to over someone else's time .. 2 hour games can be double booked (side by side with another 2 hour party) if they are not private or closed you must chose the exact start time as the party you are double booking with 2 hour games cannot overlap
3 4 hour games cannot be double booked walkon players are allowed on all non-private parties
4 once you see that the time is available go below this calendar or to our field payment section top right corner pick your group package make sure you choose private or open when you add it to cart you will be given the question of date and time, please fill in the information. When it is paid for and approved we will put it on the calendar
5 Check the calendar after you receive an email receipt, that your party is at the correct time you requested. the calendar will also have the gate code (red gate) and whatever paint you prepaid for closed or private games will be stated on the calendar.
6. 24 hour lead time last minute games may not be honored please call with questions 801-876-3132

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